Blond Hair Dress

Dress made from Human Hair

Cut hair has fetish connotations and such potency. It is the subject of fairy tales and myths. A lock of hair can be a token of love, having hair cut or shaved also relates to strength or to punishment in some cultures. It is very tactile but can be repellant. Whose hair is it? Who does does it belong to now it has been swept up from the salon floor? Would they mind it being used in an art work?

I made this piece two years ago after musing with an ex-student of mine who was working for Toni and Guy's, about the fate of discarded hair. I collected a plastic bag of hair each week, over a period of about 6 months. When the bag was opened it smelt damp and of conditioner. It was fun finding the seams of long blond hair, such a potent symbol. Is this still regarded as a very desirable asset in our culture? Reactions to the dress are very mixed some people regard it with horror when they realise the hair is human, some want to stroke it. Many men previously full of bravado are rather unsettled by the piece.