Conceptual Clothing

''Having trained in fine art at St. Martins and the Byam Shaw in London, I made abstract paintings and then landscapes when I moved to my present studio at Hurstone in Somerset, but I lost the sense of challenge and needed to find my own images. I made some large wire and paper suspended figures that told the story through the process of making by the way that they related to the unconscious. I now needed to ease the over personal connection to the work as well as losing some of the semi-realistic figure while still keeping the female form. I had always referred to this work as 'wrapped figures' and now the idea of the 'wrappings' began to interest me. I always loved dressing up and stories where the dress is evidence of transformation. I love clothes, old clothes, and the memory associated with cast off dresses. I started to make suspended forms as dresses, the dress being the skin that had absorbed the life of the body once inside them. I work quite intuitively, the process of the making often dictating the development of the piece. None of the dresses can be worn.''

The shoes and corsets were a natural progression.




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