Holly Dress

The holly dress was for a group exhibition at Hurstone Studios, Waterrow, Somerset where I live and work. The exhibition was called Out of Our Land and celebrated the natural environment, the land around where we work. I created a seated dress covered in holly leaves found in the goyle, a steeply wooded area with a stream running into a small lake. Whilst the pose speaks of social acceptability, poise and femine demeanour, the prickly leaves gives a feeling of unease that 'sits' uncomfortably with the body language of the dress. It is a comment about the way women present themselves socially, 'look but don't touch'. The material is hostile, it contrasts with the sensuous nature of the internal form. The sharp holly leaves draws your eyes towards it, the imagination wonders what is underneath, it becomes alluring.
It is made from a fine wire frame. holly leaves and is lined with red tissue.